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How to Choose The Best Hunting Boots

Posted by Green Religion on Mar 21, 2022

Every good hunter knows that a major part of a successful hunting expedition is the hunting outfit. While you might have everything else covered, it is easy to overlook good hunting boots, substituting them with sneakers or even regular hiking boots. However, the best hunting boots make a big difference in your hunting experience. They provide you with the support you need to go into rough terrain. They also keep you protected from the elements and other dangers you may encounter in the wild, like snakes and scorpions.

Many seasoned hunters agree that hunting boots are probably the most important part of your hunting getup. The conditions you hunt in may change suddenly, necessitating that you wade in a river or jump a small canyon to get your prey. When on the hunt for mountain animals, the best mountain hunting boots will ensure you remain warm and surefooted through tricky terrain. Additionally, the best rubber hunting boots will keep your feet flexible, ready to take on any changes on the trail.

You might wonder, “Where can we find the best hunting boots?” Worry not! We have compiled a guide that will help you make the best decision on this matter, including answers our experts provide to the most common questions they get from hunters looking for the right boots. We have also provided 6 recommendations on the best hunting boots 2022. This way, you can make the best decision when it comes to this very important part of your hunting experience.

Features to Look for in Hunting Boots

How Tall Should Your Hunting Boots Be?

The height of your boots should be determined by the terrain you will hunt in.

If you plan to wade in wetlands or stalk your prey in the snow, then taller boots will offer your feet the necessary protection from moisture. Similarly, higher boots when hunting through flatlands will protect you from thorns and snakes.

However, very tall boots are likely to be heavier, which is not something you want if you will be hiking and even climbing some hills. 10 inches is the sweet spot for most hunting activities, although shorter boots of around 8 inches are popular in the hunting community.

What Is a Good Weight for Hunting Boots?

Just like height, weight is an important consideration for hunting boots. Lighter boots will make sure that you use less energy moving and also make you faster, something that is important when chasing after prey.

Heavier boots offer you a lot of insulation, and are thus suitable for late hunting when the snow and rain sets in.

What is the Best Design for a Hunting Boot?

There is no one-size-fits-all design that you should look for in hunting boots. Consider the following factors in your choice:

  • Material: leather and rubber are the most common mediums. The best rubber hunting boots have a great immediate fit and they offer great support. Leather boots might not be comfortable at first, but they will mold better to your feet with time.
  • Comfort: your boots should be comfortable for the terrain you are in. The best mountain hunting boots have a lining that wicks away sweat from the inner since your feet will sweat even in cold weather. Orthopedic lining will also ensure that your feet are protected from sprains in bad trails.

Do You Need to Size Up When Buying Hunting Boots?

Boots that do not fit you perfectly will hold you back and make your hunting experience unpleasant. The key to getting the right fit is to go at least half a size up, and up to a full size up for the perfect fit.

Before purchasing, try on the boots in the middle of the day when it is hot and your feet are swollen. Wear your thick hunting socks during this exercise, and wiggle your toes to ensure you have enough space for your feet to relax. Take a walk in the boots, and try out positions like kneeling and squatting to see that at no point are your feet squeezed.

What is the Most Important Factor for Hunting Boots for Midseason?

The key to picking the best hunting boots for midseason hunting is considering the insulation hunting boots offer. Insulation is measured in grams. Boots with up to 200 grams of insulation are suitable for spring to early season hunting. Insulation of between 400 to 800 grams can cover any season because they are not too hot or too warm. These are your best options for midseason hunting. Boots with over 1,000 grams of insulation are for late season hunting where the weather is extreme.

Is Terrain a Factor to Keep in Mind When Selecting Hunting Boots?

Terrain is definitely one of the most important considerations when picking out hunting boots. The boots you will wear in flatlands will not be the same you wear in mountainous regions. The terrain determines the type of outsole suitable for your shoes. A good outsole will protect your feet from water found in ponds, snowy ground, or unexpected rain.

Considering the terrain also helps you decide the type of treads your boots should have. The tread pattern gives you proper traction in the terrain you hunt in, including slippery, snowy surfaces.


The best hiking boots 2021 offer a combination of style, functionality, and comfort. They will take you on all your hunting trips, whether it is in the middle of the desert or on top of the mountains. If you are wondering, “Where can we find the best hunting boots”, wonder no more! Head on over to our site and make your pick of all the best hunting boots we have in stock.