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Best Rangefinder for Hunting - 2022 Guide

Posted by Green Religion on Feb 8, 2022

When you’re hunting, you need two things. To be able to find the target, and to have an accurate aim when you pull the trigger. The way you get better at both of these is to use a rangefinder. Specifically, the best rangefinder for hunting you can find. It will tell you how far away your target is and helps a lot if you’re shooting downwards or upwards on a hill.

In this guide, we’ve looked at the best rangefinder for hunting in these four categories:

  • The best rangefinder for bow hunting
  • The best hunting rangefinder for the money
  • The best rangefinder for long range hunting
  • The best cheap rangefinder for bow hunting

Each review we’ve written gives you a very quick overview of the key features, so you can make an informed decision as soon as possible.

Flir Scion Otm 366 640 60hz 25mm

The best rangefinder for bow hunting is the Flir Scion Otm. It’s the best quality rangefinder that we could find, and it does everything you could want. It has thermal imaging, which is the most valuable aspect. That means you’ll find it much easier to sight your targets at a distance or in dense environments. It’s also well-made and will last for as long as you want it to.


  • It weighs less than 3 ounces
  • Its user interface can detect targets even in total darkness
  • It has a built-in recording facility


  • It’s enormously expensive, coming in at $2,837.99

SA Sports Empire Volture-6x25 Solar Rech.-400yds Rangefinder

This is the best hunting rangefinder for the money. It has unique features that you’d normally expect of a much more expensive rangefinder. It has a solar recharging ability that comes in handy when you’re out of batteries, plus it has an adjustable eyepiece making it suitable for any type of hunting that you want to do. All that comes to only $257.99


  • It has a 6x magnification capability
  • It’s resistant to water, shock, and fog
  • It comes with a toughened case and a spare battery


  • It doesn’t have a long range compared to other rangefinders

ATN ABL Smart Rangefinder Laser range Finder 1000m w Bluetooth

If you’re looking for the best rangefinder for long range hunting, then there’s no better choice than this. It has a brilliant 1000m range, and comes with a range of attractive features, like being entirely hands-free. It also uses lasers so that it works in just seconds, which is even better.


  • Will provide you with 12 hours of non-stop use
  • Is made of hardened aluminum to resist weapons
  • Records the distance to the target on all of your videos


  • The technology might take a while to get used to

Halo Cl300-20 Rangefinder 300 Yd.

If your main concern is price, you’ll be interested in the best cheap rangefinder for bow hunting. That’s exactly what we’ve found with this rangefinder. It comes in at just $84.99, which is a bargain compared to some of the others on this list. It also finds your targets without any problems.


  • Has an extra 300 yards of range for targets that are non-reflective
  • It’s accurate down to a single yard
  • It’s resistant to water


  • The range is low compared to other rangefinders


Finding the best rangefinder for hunting doesn’t have to be a challenge. All you had to do was spend a few minutes reading this article, and now you should have all the information you need, including a handy link for each rangefinder.

That means whenever you’re looking for the best rangefinder for hunting in 2021, you’ll get the answer right here in this guide.

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