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The Best Bow Sights for 2022

Posted by Green Religion on Jan 19, 2022

Are you a hunter, or are you looking to get into the hunting sport? Well, you have come to the perfect place. Bowhunting is an activity that has existed since the very beginning, and it only gets better with time. We have had the evolution of bows and bow sights from single-pin bow sights to electronic rangefinding. As technology advances, so do the designs of bow sights. Today, we are looking at the best bow sight you can use for hunting.

We will also look at some other factors such as what’s the best bow sight for hunting, what is the most accurate bow sight, and what's the best archery sight. These factors will introduce you to the archery world and show you our top 5 of the best bow sights for hunting in 2021.

You should look at many things to determine the best bow sight, and some of them include the features, the feel, and, almost as important, the price. No one wants a highly-priced bow with a cheap sight; this could lead you to miss the shots you take. What you want is a reasonably priced bow sight with the right feel and a perfect view.

As a bowhunter, you can select sights according to different sights; you can choose one with a dovetail extension bar, a colored shooter ring, one with a pin that tapers in diameter, and so much more. There are also single-pin sights, multiple-pin sliders, and more. So, out of all these, how do you select a bow sight?

How Do I Choose a Bow Sight?

Sight is one of the most crucial components in bow hunting, so the one you choose needs to be comfortable. There are many different sights with varying prices between the models. The choice you make can depend on the type of shooting you want to do. To make things easier for you, we will look at some of your options when selecting a bow sight.

Single-Pin Sights

This contains one fiber optic pin in the housing. Adjustments for different yardages are made by moving the sight body upper or lower corresponding with the yardage. Single-pin sights have sight tapes. The tapes have the yardage printed on them and are placed on the sight. The sights also have a tool that helps you select the correct tape.

The setup with these sights is easy and accurate. They have multiple tapes that you can choose from depending on your bow and arrow setup. The sights are comfortable to shoot and have incredible accuracy. They are also good for focusing because of the one pin in the sight body, making it easy for you to place your pin accurately.

While single-pin sights are great for target shooting, they are not as good in hunting scenarios. You might have to sacrifice shot opportunities because the animal can move in the time it takes you to range, dial in your sight, and execute your shot.

Fixed Multi-Pin Sights

Multi-pin sights have three or five pins in a single, fixed sight body. A fixed multi-pin sight is the best choice for new hunters since they only have a few movable parts, and one can make shots at different distances without making many adjustments.

Fixed multi-pin sights give a hunter an advantage; they can make adjustments for the shots at full draw. If you have someone else ranging for you, you can adjust from a 40-yard shot to a 50-yard shot with no problem. All you will need to do is place a new pin on your target.

Multi-Pin Adjustable Sights

These sights combine the best features of the single-pin and fixed multi-pin sights. Multi-pin adjustable sights are gaining popularity, with many hunters and companies now making them with a fixed set of pins that have a floating pin moving within a fixed sight body or a moving sight body. This design allows you to dial in exact distances while having a standard number of pins at the same time.

You have a choice of three or five pins, depending on how many fixed pins you want. To set up these sights, start setting the fixed pins first, then choose the pin you will use for the dial; the bottom pin is highly recommended, then you can deal with the sight tapes and find out which one will go well with your setup.

While these sights are mostly preferred, they also have their drawbacks. If not set up properly, they can be very frustrating to use, making your shots veer off course. Before using this site, make sure you set it up properly, double-check to be on the safe side.

The Best Compound Bow Sight Based on Hunting Style

One of the most important things to consider when wondering what is a good compound bow sight is the style of hunting you use. If you prefer sitting and waiting while hiding in the corner or while perched upon a tree, a standard fixed-pin sight is the best choice for you. The three-pin or five-pin sight will be easy for you to set up, sight in, and is highly durable, withstanding multiple seasons of abuse.

If, on the other hand, you are a hunter who prefers to creep through the landscapes for game, you are going to need farther shots. Moveable pin sights are the best choice for this kind of hunter. A moveable pin sight allows you to dial into your target; its dial-to-the-yard capability is useful in such situations. This pin sight is also great if you want to test the range of your compound. It lets you dial the yardage wheel to the exact distance your target is in, raising your shooting confidence.

There are also digital bow sights for those interested in tech bows. They have built-in rangefinders that let you make the proper shooting setup by giving you real-time holds.

Best Bow Sights for 2021

To answer your question, what's the best bow sight for hunting? We will look at the best bow sights for hunting in 2021.

Cbe Tactic 1 Pin Sight

This bow sight has a unique ambidextrous design so that both left- and right-handed archers can use it comfortably. Its uniqueness extends to its multi positioning capabilities. The smart-mount holes allow you to make quick adjustments on elevation and windage while you are on the field.

The Tactic Hybrid Sight engraved laser markings to give you precise adjustment capabilities on the fly. The sight includes a fiber management system that produces and protects bright pins when on a hunt. It has an added rheostat sight light and a fluorescent peep alignment ring. It works for both three-pin and five-pin setups and is great for those that want the more straightforward setups.


  • Multiple mounting holes
  • Laser marked adjustment hashes
  • Works for both right- and left-handed shooters
  • Has tool-less elevation adjustment and windage
  • Comes with a rheostat sight light.
  • Cons

  • A bit pricey compared to others
  • Apex Covert Dovetail Sight Black 1 Pin .010/.019

    If you are asking yourself, what is the most accurate bow sight, the Apex Covert Dovetail sight is the one for you. This is a single-pin sight that uses quick-change pin technology. This technology lets you change the size of the pin and the color within seconds. It has a dovetail mount that gives you incredible adjustability and contains easy sight removal in case you are traveling.

    The sight has micro-adjustable windage and an easy-to-adjust long-range yardage stop that makes it easy for you to set the maximum sight travel. It also includes a micro push-button sight light and more than 60 yardage tapes that are already marked. It also features fewer pins, giving it more power and a detachable bracket and elevation control that enables you to make smooth adjustments.

    The sight is good for both left- and right-handed people and works great in any light condition. It is quick and easy to set up with rear-facing tape with an adjustable indicator pin. The sight includes .010 inches and .019 inch pins with yellow, red, and green fibers.


  • Quick-pin technology that lets you change pins in a few seconds
  • Good for ambidextrous use
  • Has more than 120 yardage tapes, pre-printed, for accurate calibration
  • A detachable bracket and gear-drive elevation control for easy adjustments
  • Few pins with more power.
  • Cons

  • The sight pin can be loose
  • The pin colors are not as bright

    Apex Covert Dovetail Sight Black 4 Pin .019 Rh/LH

    Another from the Apex family is this 4-point sight. It has an adjustable housing bracket that lets you lock in the bracket, which makes it good for use as a standard fixed pin sight. You can also unlock the bracket and use it to dial in if you are doing long-range shooting. Its ability to work as a movable sight or a fixed pin sight is the most standout feature from this sight.

    It also has a tool-free elevation and height adjustment system and is great for ambidextrous bows. The sight works well for long shots that you can make with accuracy. It is made from machined aluminum and has 2nd and 3rd axis micro-adjustable windage and push-button sight light.


  • Works as both a fixed pin sight and a movable sight
  • Easy to make tool-free adjustments
  • Works with right- and left-handed users
  • It has a four-pin design
  • Great for making longer shots
  • Cons

  • It is heavier than most bow sights
  • It only features a four-pin design
  • Expensive
  • Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin Sight w Ultra-bright Fiber Optic Pin

    If you are looking for the best bow sight for the price, the Trophy Ridge is where you should look. It has the best mix of performance and affordability. It uses bright optics to give excellent visibility even in low-light shooting settings. It works with left and right-handed bows as well.

    The sight uses a precision bubble level to help you align your shots and a hassle-free windage and elevation adjusting system that helps you set your shots up easily. Even though it is highly affordable, the sight is made from a highly durable aluminum housing that can withstand harsh conditions.

    The downside is that four of its pins use the same color, making it hard to tell them apart, especially when setting up long-distance shots.


  • Works well in low visibility settings
  • Five optic pins for the best visibility
  • Affordable
  • Precision bubble for easy aligning of shots
  • Works with left and right-handed bows
  • Cons

  • Four out of the five pins are the same color which can make aiming difficult.
  • Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin Sight w Ultra-bright Fiber Optic Pin

    HHA Optimizer Lite 5519 Sight .019

    The answer to what is a good compound bow sight is the HHA Optimizer Lite. It features a completely toolless micro windage adjustment system. It also has a revolutionary yardage dial that lets you make rapid adjustments by the yard. It has a green sight ring that makes it easy for you to view your target.

    It also includes a .019 sight, weighs 9 ounces, and has 5 feet of fiber optic. It is housed in 100% machined aluminum which helps it withstand harsh conditions without a problem. It includes color-coded tapes ranging from 20 to 80 yards, with one-yard increments. It works great for long-sighted shooting and includes a mechanical rheostat light that lets you adjust the pin brightness.


  • A precise .019 sight
  • A completely tool-free micro windage adjustment system
  • It has a revolutionary yardage dial for rapid adjustments
  • Has color-coded yardage tapes
  • It has a protective machined aluminum housing
  • Cons

  • The sight is a little heavy
  • Conclusion

    Selecting the best bow sight is not an easy process, but you can make the best choice for your hunting style with adequate knowledge. This review of the best bow sights for hunting in 2021 will help you find the best sights you can use for hunting and help you make a choice. Visit Rustic Sports Supply today to get your pick of the best bow sight for the price and other hunting provisions.