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Guide to Choosing the Best Bow Release

Posted by Green Religion on Dec 28, 2021

Accuracy is the most important thing when shooting with a bow. You can use your fingers when making a shot, but using a bow release is most likely going to give you the best results. Bow releases only acllow for one point of contact, making your chances of getting a clean shot higher. They improve your accuracy and your shooting ability whether you are new to the sport or a professional.

The problem, however, comes when it is time to choose the correct bow release, and that is why we are here. We will look at the best bow release you can get that suits your shooting style. We will also look at what is the most accurate bow release and the best bow release for big hands.

Bow release types vary in their design and accuracy and getting the correct one for your style. There is a massive difference between using your fingers and using a bow release. The most notable is that your performance is enhanced with a release and improves how you handle an arrow and accuracy.

We compiled a list of 5 of the best bow releases in 2022 to help you make your choice easier. We will also look at how long does a bow release last and what is the best index finger release. These will all help you determine what release is the best for you and what features you need to be looking out for when bow release hunting.

Choosing the Best Archery Release

There are several bow release types at your disposal. They all come in different styles and a wide price range. When choosing a bow release, here are a few things you should be on the lookout for:


Whenever you buy a release, you need to think of the length adjustment that comes with it. All hands differ, so a release that might fit my hand might not match yours. You want to be comfortable when drawing your bow, not having to strain to reach the trigger. Make sure you get an adjustable release that works well with your hands and allows you to shoot comfortably.

String Style

Bowstrings are set up in multiple ways. Some use a D loop, metal type fastener or a metal nock on the string. Not all releases will fit all string styles, and some can only be used with certain string styles. When buying a release, make sure your string setup and the potential release are compatible.


There are some archery releases with hydraulic or automatic functions. These fire the bow automatically after a specific time has passed after drawing back the string. Automated release aids are expensive and not really suitable for new archers. They come in both wrist and grip styles.


Whether you are using your bow for hunting or just sport, you need to be mindful of the noise the release produces. Some release designs make a clicking sound which can spook your target if you are out hunting. Make sure the release aid you select does not make any noise, mainly if you use it for hunting.

Wrist Release vs Thumb Release

You might have questions like what is a good thumb release or what is the best index finger release, and how long does a bow release last? Before answering all these questions, you first need to know the different types of release mechanisms.

Wrist Release Mechanism

The wrist release mechanism is the most popular and uses an index finger trigger. This release has a strap that you attach to your wrist and the trigger that you pull with your index finger. This release mechanism transfers the draw weight through your wrist and forearm, making it easier for you to hold the bow at full draw.

You need to find a release with high-quality calipers or jaws, as you can easily adjust these for easy or hard releases. The trigger position and the length of the release are some of the factors that affect your draw length, so try to find one when you are setting up your bow. The wrist release also reduces the chances of your hands getting fatigued because it does not apply too much pressure on your arm muscles.

They also allow for better accuracy and even greater arrow speed. The wrist release mechanism is the easiest to use, especially with new hunters, as it will enable you to draw your bow faster and shoot faster as well. It feels like the traditional archery style, so your hands will already be familiar with the motions, increasing your accuracy and speed.

The Thumb Release

Most experienced hunters prefer the thumb release because of its comfort. This release puts most of the strain on your forearm, making it unsuitable for handling a lot of weight. It is, however, fantastic with accuracy and is easy to use. The pressure applied on the thumb release can cause a lot of strain and easily make you miss your target.

Thumb releases allow for much more customizations and adjustments. They also have a rotating head that helps you maintain perfect form before taking a shot. The release mechanism gives you a better chance of hitting your target and offers even better comfort. The thumb release is considered better by hunters because of its smooth release and speed of the release. Your anchor point with a handheld release helps you make accurate shots and helps improve your consistency, enabling you to make better, more precise shots.

A handheld or thumb release is also more convenient as you can store it away in your pocket when you are not using it. This mechanism does not require you to make a lot of adjustments and is easily customizable to your bow and style. So, to answer the question, what is the most accurate bow release is the thumb release. It is not only highly accurate but is comfortable as well, making your target shooting easier.

Whichever release you choose needs to be made out of highly durable material like leather or nylon. This material will prevent your hands from forming calluses and should be comfortable enough for you to use without feeling any pain.

If you are questioning how long does the bow release last, you have to consider many factors, including the material, the bow’s draw weight, and the frequency in which you shoot it. A good bow release will last about three years with proper maintenance. If you keep your release in good condition and do not use it for high-risk hunting, you can use it longer. However, the release will start showing signs of wear after some time, which should tell you it is time to change. It would be best if you also replaced your bowstring once it starts fraying or showing broken strands.

Best Bow Release for Hunting 2021

Now that we know all about the bow release types and mechanisms let us move on to the best bow releases for 2021.

Trufire Thrufire Release

This is a wrist release strap that offers a spring tension sleeve. The sleeve has a hidden trigger that is easily adjustable and has pull-through functionality. It is built with excellent materials with a thick and comfortable strap. The strap will need a little time before it effectively breaks in, but it will not lose its functionality after that.

It has many possible adjustments and adjustable trigger travel that lets you accurately focus on your target. The travel enables you to adjust the travel for greater shooting comfort. It has excellent sensitivity that allows you to release the bolt naturally and provides you with smooth shooting.


  • It is made from high-quality material.
  • It has an adjustable trigger travel that lets you adjust to your hand shape
  • Has a lot of possible adjustments
  • Has a small head for accurate releases
  • Easy to set up and use

  • Cons

  • It takes a while before you can break in the strap

  • Trufire Edge Release Buckle Foldback Camo

    This design offers an accurate release and full functionality due to its small head design. It uses a linear motion bearing that makes for a smooth trigger feel, and its easy-to-use trigger gives you a problem-free release. It is comfortable to work with and does not have jerky releases, thanks to the linear-motion trigger. The trigger can reduce or altogether eliminate torque allowing for the smooth release.

    The fold-back buckle strap leaves you free to do other activities, such as hands-free climbing and glassing. It has spring-loaded jaws that open and close easily when pulled and released. It is also great for hunting because of its camo design which helps you blend in with your surroundings. You can adjust the system to 16 different positions, allowing you to find a comfortable setting for excellent performance.

    You can turn the release head clockwise or counterclockwise effortlessly, providing you with a torque-free shot. It is also made from high-quality material, with a machined aluminum handle that rivals all other materials in the market.


  • Adjustable thumb knob that helps you get the perfect fit
  • Made from high-quality, durable material
  • A fold-back strap that you can get out of the way when not in use
  • Uses linear motion bearing for a smooth release
  • It has a fully adjustable solid rod connector that helps keep the release at the perfect length

  • Cons

  • The release takes some time to get used to

  • .30-06 Mustang Compact Camo Release Web Stem

    The Mustang Compact release is the best bow release for big hands. It features an adjustable buckle strap that fits all adult wrist sizes from small to large. It also has an excellent stealth feature when out hunting because of the camouflage finish that can help you hide from your target when out on a hunt. It also has a quiet buckle that does not make noise when unwrapping or wrapping, handy when hunting.

    It is made from high-quality aluminum with a trigger that can withstand harsh use without showing any signs of tear. The release has a Cordura web stem that ensures a quick and reliable release with an instant lock precision trigger that helps you make the most accurate shots. It is also great for ambidextrous use because of its swivel head that you can turn to accommodate your shooting hand.


  • It has an adjustable buckle strap that fits wrists small and large
  • Has an instant lock precision trigger for accurate shots
  • Camo design for stealth operation when hunting.
  • Contains a durable aluminum trigger
  • Adjustable Cordura web stem for reliable releases.

  • Cons

  • The strap can be loose for those with smaller hands.
  • Cobra Premier a228 Buckle Release

    Cobra Premier a228 Buckle Release

    The Premier Moment release features a textured pivot head and an ultra-narrow profile design that, together with its quick load hook, makes it one of the best bow releases out there. You can adjust the trigger sensitivity according to your preferences to get a more precise and accurate release.

    Another feature that makes this release stand out is the little creep it has. It also features a crisp release that helps you make the best shot possible. It also has an attractive design and a stainless steel fold back that makes it easy to store the release when not in use and ensures its long-lasting durability.

    The Moment also features a nylon wrist strap that you can adjust to fit your hands perfectly. The only problem with the adjustable strap is that there is nowhere to store the excess strap, which could cause some issues, although you can cut it if you will not be using it.


  • Minimalistic no-load trigger
  • Quick connect steel buckle with neoprene interior
  • Textured pivot head with a quick load hook
  • A stainless steel fold back for easy storage
  • Adjustable trigger weight

  • Cons

  • There is nothing to secure the nylon which can make it get in the way

  • Cobra Sportsman Jr. Release

    Last but not least on our best bow release in 2021, is the Sportsman Jr. release. It features a pinch-to-close double caliper design and a leather buckle strap that lets you adjust the size to fit your hand. Its trigger is also fully adjustable, giving you freedom and control over the release. The crisp no-load trigger works excellent for both novice and experienced archers.

    The trigger has padding on the strap that does not strain your hand when making a shot for added comfort. The Sportsman Jr. has endless adjustability and is suitable for ambidextrous bows. The release has a rugged design and is made using heavy-duty construction that helps it withstand vigorous hunting activity.


  • Crisp, no-load ergonomic trigger
  • Made from durable, heavy-duty construction material
  • Infinite length adjustments for all hand sizes
  • Leather buckle padded wrist strap
  • Rugged and accurate design

  • Cons

  • The adjustable strap does not fit some small hands

  • Conclusion

    There are tons of bow releases out there, and you need to make sure you get the best bow release for your hunting style and comfort. With the numerous bow release types available, it can be hard for you to find the perfect one. The five releases listed above feature the best bow release of 2021, with highly functional features that are sure to take your hunting to the next level. Visit Rustic Sportsman to get these releases and many others, together with any archery-related gear you might need.