Ravin R500 Sniper Crossbow Package

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Ravin R500 Sniper Crossbow Package


Ravin R500 Sniper Package is designed for shooters who want pinpoint accuracy and industry high speeds through a single reticle scope, the R500 Sniper delivers speeds of 500fps and utilizes the new proprietary HexCoil Cam System. The cams rotate a full 360 allowing the bow when fully cocked to be 3.6inches in width and only 28inches in length! Utilizing the new VersaDrive Cocking System that has a screw drive that moves the Trac Tigger Firing System (TTFS) back and forth. The internal clutch within the VersaDrive eliminates over-cocking and uncocking process that can be stopped or resumed at any time. Complete with the new adjustable turret scope, users will be able to adjust yardage quickly and accurately assuring every advantage in the field.

  • HexCoil Cam System, New R500 Draw Handle, Ravin Adjustable Turrets Scope, 3.6 inches fully cocked, Silent, Accurate, 500fps and Electronic Drive Capable
  • Fully assembled Ravin Crossbow
  • Ravin Adjustable Turret Scope
  • Ravin Draw Handle
  • 6-Pack of Ravin .001 Premium Arrows & Field Points (400 Grain Total)

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