Code Blue Field Wipes

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Code Blue Field Wipes


It's early in the morning, and the sun isn't even up yet. Having already hiked into the woods, you're sitting in your tree stand when it dawns on you that you forgot to cloak your scent. Keep these Code Blue Scent Elimination Field Wipes in your pack to make sure you're always prepared for the hunt. Pull one of the pre-moistened, unscented wipes out to easily get rid of the smells of pets, smoke and your own body, and rely on the patented scent technology to put a stop to odor. As the pre-dawn hunt turns into an afternoon expedition, use the wipes to refresh your camouflaging, so you remain concealed when a buck makes his appearance.

  • Rub the wipes on your face, neck, arms and gear to block odors that could spook animals in the wild
  • Patented formula channels nanoparticles to trap and eliminate 3 types of odor and prevent the growth of new odor
  • Resealable pouch provides simple access to the wipes, so you can easily refresh your scent suppression
  • Unscented wipes are pre-moistened, making them a simple and ideal addition to your pack
  • Package contains 24 wipes for multiple uses in the field and supplies enough for your hunting party

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