HME SD Card Reader Viewer with 4.3 inch LCD Screen

HME SKU: MOX1132777 Barcode: 888151030639
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HME SD Card Reader Viewer with 4.3 inch LCD Screen


View images and videos from your tail camera on the go in the field with the HME SD Card Reader Viewer. The bright and crisp viewing screen lets you see your images and videos in 1080p full color with audio. Use the rubberized buttons to view your images and videos and delete unwanted image in the field saving precious time and card space. The rugged design of this product ensures years of dependable use, so you can see what your trail cameras have caught for a long time to come!

  • Keep unwanted varmint visitor away from the feed
  • Peak discharge voltage of 1000 ± 100 volts
  • Connects to American Hunter Feeders
  • Easy attachement connection
  • This devise gives your unwanted smaller visitors a nonlethal shock to deter them from wasting feed intended for other wildlife

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